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an extension

I need an extension.

I just need something firm and tight.
Powerful? Almost.
Meaningful? Not so much.
Casual and carefree…
Earlier versions of me, maybe.
Soiled and dirty,
Careless-ly moving in rage.
Sat - ur - daze
Internally screaming.
My well-being is startled.
I hold myself tighter but, farther and farther…
I’m a martyr, for her femininity.
I’ll die for her fundamentally,
and literally take her over.
Two strokes of my right hand; jam forward.
Lustfully in awe, She jolts forward to reach for the invisible,
The Invincible.
I ooze appeal sexually indirectly.
It’s my language that gyrates, She moves.
But, I can be gruesome,
for I can spit vermin too.
Despite these curves,
Despite my coarse skin, internally I’m smooth.
Permanent blemishes on white canvases sharpie sharply.
She sees through my damage,
my infidelity…
I need an extension, an outlet.
I need to speak in tongues of love and faith,
in silence.
Anoint me and bury my mistakes.
I’m outside myself every time she looks at me with pale white eyes
I yearn for the contrast,
the fight,
the violence between black and white.
I need an extension, please!
The loose leaves that Fall from trees with ease.
Light and airy refreshments in grass, in grass, in grass so green,
I need the movement of the breeze.
And birds humming…
I just need something,
Firm and Tight.

"I get drunk on dreams and choke on real life."

- Wolferina ( (via grillfriend)

(Source: opaqueglitter, via lostlntranslation)